Our Focus

Surgery Center (ASC), Physicians Group Practice, Hospitals, Dental Group Practice (DSO) and Dental Labs.

Working with business owners who are ready to take the next step in their journey, whether it is taking on a partner or retiring. We are focused on relieving owners of sole ownership stress, paying them for their efforts, and accelerating their firms’ growth.

Our approach

60/40 Partnership Model     

We expand businesses, not downsize them. Our investments operate autonomously and are free to manage their people, culture, and business as they have always done. In turn, we provide our partners with access to Tier 1 services to assist with offloading, including sales, marketing, human resources, legal, and accounting departments.

Mitigate Risk

Prime Regency, as an investment holding company, seeks to invest in or acquire well-managed businesses seeking to expand through acquisition. We collaborate with well-managed companies, collaborating with business owners to accelerate development while retaining up to 40% equity for future expansion.

Continuity of management

As a portfolio company, you will receive guidance from prominent experts in the field to help you expand. You will retain a considerable stake in the firm, with the possibility for even greater profits on the second exit.


Preserve and enhance your legacy by partnering with us.


Our unique approach ensures you will continue taking care of your employees.


We help our partners to realize generational wealth.

Joseph Hanesher

Founding Director

Annette Tirabasso

Director of Operations and Integrations



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